Benefits of Mulch

Mulch is multi-purpose and works like a multi-vitamin in your garden. It protects garden beds and plants from fluctuating temperatures, harsh sun, driving rains and severe cold. It enriches your soil as plant matter breaks down and adds nutrients and oxygen into the garden. It encourages worms and healthy ecology where plants thrive.

A layer of 50mm of mulch spread across garden beds improves water retention and reduces the amount of water you need on your garden. Mulching also reduces weed production and the need for regular weeding.

Mulch also looks good by adding uniformity and coverage to garden beds. With your Hansa Chipper, you can quickly take care of fallen branches and garden waste – clearing pathways, tidying up and turning the waste into free mulch to enhance your garden.

Your garden can become a sustainable ‘cycle of life’ by reusing your garden waste as mulch and compost. Save money and the environment at the same time.

See the Chippers in action creating beautiful mulch.

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