• Easy to use, self-feeding, no pushing or pre pruning needed

  • Robust, solid steel, no plastic parts, Powered by Honda

  • FREE warranty upgrade

    Register your details at www.hansachippers.com/registration
    to recieve a free warranty upgrade to 2 years on the chipper and
    4 years on the Honda engine.

Mulching made easy with Hansa Chippers

Hansa Chippers are high-performance and built tough to suit your domestic and commercial needs.

  • Wide, self-feeding chutes – no pushing or pre-pruning needed
  • High performance engines powered by the Honda GX series
  • Robust, solid steel casings with no plastic or flimsy parts
  • Adjustable output chute to direct your mulch where you need it – wheel barrow, trailer or garden bed
  • Minimal maintenance and cleaning required
  • Easy to manoeuver and transport around the garden or from site to site

Hansa Chippers turn prunings, dropped branches, palm fronds, leaves, bark, paper, cardboard, hay, dried manure and kitchen waste into valuable mulch for your garden.

Chip or process your unwanted garden waste into beautiful mulch to use on your garden beds, under trees and as lush compost. Reduce weeds, retain soil moisture, water less and improve the health of your soil and plants.

With five different chipper models, Hansa Chippers can help you find the right chipper to suit your needs.

What our customers think…

  • I decided since i was a good boy all year 2017 I would buy my self a decent chipper for Christmas, , settled on a...

    John K – January 2018
  • Hard to receive value nowadays but the Hansa C7 Chipper has been one.My honest opinion is if you maintain this machine ,keep the blades sharp...

    NM Jan 2018
  • I looked at a lot of shedders/ Chippers/Mulchers before I was prepared to spend my hard earned cash. I really liked the ruggedness of the...

    MB Dec 2017
  • C7 - this chipper is absolutely fantastic, and it makes me proud that its an Australian company that produces this quality.
    My use was...

    MP September 2017
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