• I got the C21 some months ago.

    I could not be happier with the machine ( purchased through Ireland's Machinery). Its done 35 hours so far.

    One of the best things is its very fast at what it does. Some of the bigger 150mm bandits and rayco ect can be soooooo slowwwww.

    The best I have chipped is 2 cubic metres of chip from some pre cut casuarinas in 12 minutes.

    Well done hansa.

  • We have just purchased a C13 chipper , what a machine!! ! .

  • C13 - About 6 metres of radiata pine. Dropped tree at 8AM. Chipped limbs up to 100mm. ground stump (600mm). Gone by 1PM.

    Great machine.

  • C7 - Great machine, very happy with it.

  • C13 - Bought chipper to clean up some overgrown bushland and maintain it.

    Very happy with the build quality, ease of use and performance of the Hansa C13. We have removed more than 30 weed trees (Privet and Camphor Laural) to 8m, chipped about 20 unfortunately placed native hardwood trees to 25m (chipping everything but the trunk and heavy branches) and countless shrubs. Surprising how it can turn a huge pile of cuttings into a small pile of chips.

    The machine has a big chute and the design of the blades drags in branches and vines. When you get used to the way the machine feeds, it is possible to cut the branches to suit, minimising the cutting and feed work.

  • I have had a C7 for 18 months and it has enabled conversion of a much greater proportion of prunings and consequent reduction in the burning pile. The productivity is around 5 times that of previous mulchers. Sharpening is problematic as the only truly capable service is 70 km away. I run three sets of blades to cover the situation. If I could purchase an appropriate sharpening unit at reasonable price I would do so, however good cold knife grinding equipment is very expensive. A set of blades is good for about 5 hours shredding depending on hardness and grit levels.
    The Towbar is a major plus for the unit as I am working over an area of 8 acres.
    I have fitted a cage of 1" galmesh to the mower trailer and blow directly into it and then take the mulch to the area required. I may change to the bigger unit in the next year.

  • I bought a Hansa Mulcher about six years ago. It is the most fantastic bit of equipment I have ever owned, and its MADE IN AUSTRALIA! Don't know the model but it has a 13 HP Honda engine. I use it about every two weeks. I now have a "log book" but didn't start recording time until end 2014. I have made a few changes, some of which you probably would not agree with for "safety" reasons, but one is that I have changed the adjustable outlet so that the chips can be thrown a longer and a higher distance as my mulch pile is growing to a considerable height. I replaced the 15 mm nylock nut holding the outlet chute with a large "winged" nut so that I don't have to keep running for a spanner to undo it if I have to clean out that area when mulching anything too wet and soggy. I have only had to replace the drive belts once. I have the blades ground by a local saw works, and they have withstood considerable abuse. I regularly mulch branches up to about 3-4 inches diameter if they are green.

  • I decided since i was a good boy all year 2017 I would buy my self a decent chipper for Christmas,, settled on a Hansa C16
    I have a small acreage with lots of lychee fruit trees, coconut palm fronz, bamboo and some natives, and this machine, ate the lot up to 105mm dia its so delicious watching it power through it all, what took me several hours to mulch with my old Chinese made 13hp chipper, took me under a half hour on the Hansa. C16
    Made in NZ is a plus in my book, and parts are easy to obtain if I ever needed too.
    I cant wait for them palm fronz to fall, love it

  • Hard to receive value nowadays but the Hansa C7 Chipper has been one.My honest opinion is if you maintain this machine ,keep the blades sharp and set correctly, grease the nibbles and follow manufactures recommendations this machine for the average household should last a lifetime.That would make it great value in my opinion.I made the mistake of lending it to my neighbour and he dropped a set of hand held hardened secateurs into the machine, that was no problem for Hansa C7 they came out the chute in about 400 pieces and he then carried on chipping for the rest of the day.When I found out I checked the machine over for damage and only found the blades needed sharpening. I'm very happy with our machine and love the mulch.

  • I looked at a lot of shedders/ Chippers/Mulchers before I was prepared to spend my hard earned cash. I really liked the ruggedness of the C7. I had watched a lot of videos of this machine and I could not find much that showed people chipping or shredding palm fronds. This would be the main thing I’d be using the C7 for along with general garden waste. I have a 5 Acre property with more palm trees than I could count in a day. Literally hundreds of them. You can imagine the mess they make. Well I put two tanks of fuel through the chipper today after picking it up from the dealer yesterday. Went over it myself just to be certain everything was good to go then got stuck into it. The C7 made short work of the palm fronds. I was very surprised at how effortlessly it chewed them up. Some of which had been laying out in the sun for weeks or months. I will admit that it had rained a couple of days ago so they may have been softened a bit, but not by much. Had the machine going for about 6 hours and still have some fuel left in the tank. I did manage to stall it twice getting a little over zealous with some tree branches that were pretty close to the limit. I found that if you have something right on the limit that might be a touch too much I just cut it into shorter lengths. This allowed the flywheel to chip away then regain its momentum. So far I haven’t found a palm frond that will stop it. I have had to trim some of the tree end of the palm fronds off if they are really wide as they won’t fit down the shute. But the rest goes through very easily. I haven’t inspected the blades yet, but I would imagine that chewing up hundreds of palm fronds will blunten them pretty quickly. I plan to buy a second set and swap them over, thus rotating them through the sharpening process. When it’s all said and done I’m very happy with it. Last thing..... buy some good ear muffs. Lucky I’m on 5 Acres and my neighbors are a fair distance. It’s pretty noisy. Lol. Worth every cent!

  • C7 - this chipper is absolutely fantastic, and it makes me proud that its an Australian company that produces this quality.
    My use was is residential, and im just about done with it, but it was an absolute pleasure using it.
    So well done to all!

  • Works like magic! Love it!

  • C13 - Wonderful machine. Delivered to my property by Launceston Mower and Chainsaw centre. They told me predelivery had been carried out and explained operation etc

  • C7- Most impressed - a strong and practical machine

  • C13 - I am 100% satisfied with the performance of the C13, it is a great machine.

  • C7 - It was good to be able to buy a machine that is simple in its design, construction and use. Robust in construction and affective in its operation. I had been thinking of building my own machine as I was not impressed with what I had seen previously. The retailer recommend this machine and owned one himself.

  • C13 - absolutely amazing, very impressed

  • C7 - I thoroughly researched this product prior to purchase and so far I am happy with performance and quality

  • Bought an electric 'mulcher' from a popular hardware dealership - it was a waste of money. Kept jamming and just couldn't do the job. After this disaster, we tried hard to justify the heaps more dollars to buy the C7. Simply we shouldn't have worried and should have bought the C7 first. It works brilliantly with everything we can throw at it on our 9 acre property. It continually surprises us just how good it is at chipping and mulching everything we put through it, and gives us good mulch for our garden. Totally recommend this product.

  • C7 - gone extra well, halved the time from previous chippers.

  • C7 -Absolutely fabulous. The C7 exceeds all expectations.



  • "Hi there,

    I bought a C7 yesterday and just gave it a thorough first run to see how it went.

    These machines are a beast of a thing. I love it.

    They eat just about anything you can throw at them, are easy to start and really easy to clear out any blockages.

    Worth every cent. Makes my old chipper look like a kids toy. "

  • I purchased my C21 2 and a half years ago for my small arborist business and it has been one of my best investments. Runs and chips just as good as when i purchased it.

  • C7 - Awesome unit so happy no more tip runs.

  • Best C13 chipper ever. use it daily on the farm, she never misses a beat. Great worker. Well done Hansa. Never thought I say it but previously had Cox equipment ( Aust) it choked and broke down.

  • C7 - Works exactly the way its supposed to work!

    Very happy with the purchase

  • C7 - Lovely machine, and very impressive!

  • C3e - It worked for some 2 hrs today, very pleased with your product.

  • C4 - Being on a rural property with a large garden means we almost always have items that need chipping. When we lived in the Brisbane suburbs i had one those electric chippers that basically chews very slowly through everything. Armed with that experience and knowing that a small machine like that simply wouldn't handle what we now needed to do I trundled off on a tour of the mower type shops in the area... Long story short found the Hansa. This machine is built solidly, and has a quality Honda engine perched on the top. Starts every time. The only thing that stops it from getting 5 stars is the fact that leaves (from gums) or longish type grasses will sometimes make their way through the mulcher with barely a scratch, although it has done a few hours now and could probably do with a blade sharpening/alignment. A quality machine all round

  • C3e - 1st time use excellent, many thanks for a top product, worth the extra investment $$


  • Without doubt Hansa are the best chipper I have seen in 35 years in the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry.

  • C7 - In 3 words "Value for money". This chipper is just fantastic and is well beyond our expectations. Thanks for making a great product..

  • C7 - its fantastic, wanted one for 20 years but couldn't afford it so happy to have it finally. i love it for making compost for the veggie garden and chipping pruning from the garden.

  • C13 - I'm no professional abortionist, but hired one of your machines for a day's work at a friend's place.
    From the perspective of an amateur weekend warrior - what a very effective machine, far surpassed my expectations and everything you claim it to be capable of.
    We had 4 of us on the job all day sawing, fetching and feeding the chipper and it saved us a monumental amount of work and dumping expenses.

  • Purchased a Hansa C7 from Buffalo Farm Equipment Myrtleford in December and have to say it is absolutely fantastic chipping. Just rips the branches through - we have over 300 trees, mostly gum and wattle and it chews through anything up to 65mm, even dry branches. (Do realise that will cost us in blades, but last year we burnt over 25 trailers loads of fallen branches and bark in 5 giant bonfires and I can't see us ever having to start a fire again.)
    Great product except for one thing - The wheels - Cheap Plastic, 25psi rated (if you look really hard) - with a tyre that is 40psi rated.
    Had my tyres at 30psi, having only looked at the tyre for max pressure (had 4psi when we picked it up from the showroom floor), but after working in the sun on a hot day, put the chipper in a shed and one of the tyres blew off the rim 2 days later (another hot one). Have replaced the tube, but the rim was deformed slightly by the blowout and I don't hold a lot of hope for it's continuing usefulness.

  • C7 - this is the best and hardest working machine I have ever owned

  • Took delivery of our C13 on Saturday. In the three days since I have cut down and chipped a 25 metre long hedge of 2.5 metre high pittosporums that were planted in 1991. I could no longer do the hedging each year and cutting down was the obvious option. I still have about 40 metres to go and could never have considered this without the C13. It will then go to another property where we have further challenges. A great machine. I have used other mulcher/chippers that are OK for normal garden duties but to cope with up to 90mm trunks (and I may have used every one of those mm with the pittosporums!) the Hansa is a joy. Excellent quality manufacturing and easy to use. The pleasant surprise was that it also handled the small stuff that I thought would need to go through the mulcher instead of a chipper. Congratulations on an excellent product.

  • Bought a C13 in 2012. What a machine! I use it commercially and it produces, on average, 150 cubic metres of wood chip a year. Engine perfect. Just on only its third set of knives and just changed belts for the first time. Had a few clients doubt its capacity until they saw it in action. New model looks good and will get one when this one stops. I may retire first.

  • What a fantastic machine, this is a scaled down version of a professional wood chipper and performs as you would expect from a professional quality machine.
    I have recently brought a Hansa C7 which was probably more than I needed. I have a lot of trees on my property that drop branches and constantly need pruning.
    My C7 works exactly as demonstrated in any of the videos. Turns a hard job of filling a 240 litre green waste bin into literally a couple of minutes work.
    Easy process, cut down a heap of branches, stack for ease of feeding into the machine. Park the machine next to the pile and start chipping.
    Twisted branches with lots of foliage will go through, however the straighter the branch the quicker and better it will self feed. 3-4 metre branches, no worries. The motor on the machine doesn't labour or slowdown under load.
    To clean I use my blower and water hose to remove a few chips of wood and a little bit of dust. The paint finish is very good with no scratches on the feed in chute after quite a lot of work. Knives and anvil are still like new.
    Manoeuvrability is very easy as the machine is very well balanced, I have wheeled it 500 metres from one location to another property with very little effort, did a days work and pushed it home again. This is only due to the quality of the design and build with good quality pneumatic tyres.

  • Great chipper. I bought a c13 and does a great job. Used for commercial use

  • C4 - Excellence build quality and finish

  • C13 PTO - Fabulous. shreds better then we could have expected. Works excellently on our Kioti 26hp tractor.
    Great service from John at Braschs Cairns

  • C7 - Great small chipper - great for garden clean up - cuts down small shrubs to a nice mulch - saves trips to the tip and not bulky- very happy better than my other mulcher* hammer type)- love the extended warranty - i do believe it will outlast me

  • Best chipper on the market. I have seen many come and go these past 35 years but nothing does the work like these Hansa Chippers. Any application you will be happy with these units.

  • C7 - Terrific machine. Money well spent

  • Well the Hansa replaced a very ordinary Peacemaker that kept braking crankshafts and never did a great job.

    The Hansa shreds 10 times faster than the Peacemaker ever did and is a superior belt driven design.
    This means it's easier to start as the heavy fly wheel is decoupled reducing stresses on the motor.

    Great Honda motor runs smoothly and starts easily.
    Overall a very well designed and built shredder but expensive.

    It's nice when a machine just does its job with no fuss!

  • C7 - Fantastic Unit.
    Great build quality

  • C7 -"Chipper is very robust for our use on 7.5 acres although I should have gone for the C13 due to the volume of thicker branches, just means we have more firewood for winter and save heaps by chipping for our garden beds and features.
    Love it"

  • C7 - Great machine.Gets the job done. Definately would recommend to family and friends.

  • My partner has a hansa mulcher for her gardening business orsum machine built tuff and does a great job cant fault great product

  • C13 -I now know why I bought a Hansa Chipper. They are an incredible machine and your customer care is second to none.

  • C7 - Wonderful Machine Very Happy

  • C13 - Much bigger and stronger than I anticipated

  • C7 - Saw it in the Gardening Australia magazine. Did a quick Google, watched the online video and read plenty of reviews. Rang a couple of local dealers to see who had one in stock. Had to travel an hour to get it, so I took in a few pieces of timber 65mm X 1.2m long hoping they would demonstrate its capability, which they were more than happy to do, and was more than impressed with how quick it mulched it. So the test will be tomorrow when I get stuck into the pile of work ahead of me.

  • C7 - Great machine - really well designed.

  • C4 - Simple design, works well with internet research confirming my experience - the best on the market.

  • We were in the Market for a new Chipper/Mulcher as the 30-35 year old family owned Rover finally gave up the ghost.
    I decided to hit the internet to see what was out there. I'd had a certain brand in mind as you see them advertised in Gardening magazines, newspapers and the TV Guide. Upon doing a bit of research into this particular brand i was becoming increasingly put off by it the more reviews i read. There were some ok responses, but the majority were not good. Then when i turned to Gumtree and my suspicions were kicking in more when i saw a number of "only used twice" and "low hours" For Sale ads.
    Last Saturday i happened to pick up the current Gardening Australia magazine to find the HANSA branded Chipper/Mulcher advertised within. Naturally i jumped on the net as i'd not heard of this brand before. I wanted to do some research into what it can and can't do. After looking further into your products and watching a number of YouTube clips, i was becoming more intrigued. I then started to read reviews, from many different web sites, with one good review after another.
    My next mission was to see where in Perth WA they could be purchased. To my surprise it was within a 45min drive. So i loaded a couple of Branches 4ft long by approx. 65-70mm in thickness (at the largest point) to see if the dealer would be up for a Test run.
    Vic from Midland Mowers was more than happy to demonstrate the Hansa C7 Chipper. Yes it performed above expectations, and without hesitation we purchased our next Life Long Chipper/Mulcher.
    So, the bigger test was yet to come, and this made me want to share my Feedback with this Great machine (C7). I Chipped and Mulched enough (Marri) tree prunings, ranging from twigs all the way up to 70mm limbs and leaves to fill an 8' x 5' Caged Trailer (over 3 cubic meters) without a hint of hesitation. Well done Hansa for this outstanding machine, Simple yet effective, it impressed my neighbours so much, i can see another sale in the future.

  • C7 - A very sturdy, robust machine

  • C13 - With only three hours on the clock it appears to be an excellent machine.

  • C7 - So far Great. Would not get any smaller size


  • We have a Hansa C4 chipper and it has been working brilliantly. We love the machine!!

  • C7 - A very sturdy, robust machine

  • We have owned a C13 Chipper for 7 years. It has performed very well on chipping vegetation from our 6 acre garden. This includes long and heavily fibrous "candle bark" from our smooth barked eucalypts. Some local chipping professionals refuse to chip this bark.

  • hi, i bought a c7 which i love

  • C7 - "love it.

    It has made me money adding value to my house with amazing gardens. "

  • C7 - Bloody good machine!

  • C4 - Perfect for my needs has done a great job so far.

  • C7 - love it.

    It has made me money adding value to my house with amazing gardens.

  • C7 - Great product!!

  • C13 - excellent i love it

  • C7 - What a beauty

  • C13 - Absolutely love this machine. It is a great design and solid steel construction. I used it for the first time yesterday and it smashed all the branches that we threw its way. Can't recommend it highly enough.

  • C7 - Quality machine, very impressed

  • C7 - Its a beauty!

    I'm a gardener landscaper & its saving me on tip fees

    Will pay for itself in 1 year

  • C13 - Absolutely love this machine. It is a great design and solid steel construction. I used it for the first time yesterday and it smashed all the branches that we threw its way. Can't recommend it highly enough.

  • C7 - Had this chipper working hard for 18 months now , only had to sharpen blades as you would expect ,,, if your thinking about a purchase ,rest assured you will not be disappointed , we use ours every two weeks and mulch our garden , this machine eats eats and eats , 5 stars

  • C13PTO -Great and so so fast. We love it!!

  • Bought a C7 a couple of days ago. Agonized over the price, thinking about all the other things we could spend almost $3000 on... small motorbike.. Holiday in NZ! Took it out on its first job yesterday - it exceeded all expectations - non stop hard work most of the day, including through a period of steady rain. It has started paying for itself already. Well thought out design, awesome build quality, awesome honda motor with 4 year warranty.

  • C7 - greatest piece of machinery I have ever bought.

  • C7 - Thanks for a great product.

  • C7 - a great little chipper

  • I purchased a Hansa C7 about 7-8 years ago and it has been a fantastic machine...It has done a power of work on my property without skipping a beat.

  • I've had a C7 for some months now and am VERY happy with it.

  • C7 - a great machine

  • Overall - I'm wonderfully impressed with the Hansa C7 Chipper.

  • C13 - I'd be lost without the chipper. I have a 1 acre block with lots of trees and forever pruning etc. It does a fantastic job.

  • C7 - Over the moon with it

  • I picked the C13 up from the local dealer just before COB Friday evening following a short, helpful demonstration. Same week speedy delivery; Wow!

    I decided to do around 2 hours of mulching the following day. Because of the steep slopes on our property I 'dug in' one side of the C13 to level it up. I had a heaped row of around 1.5m high x 2m x 10m of large woody prunings from a number of mature shrubs (mainly natives callistemons, banksias and grevilleas) with palm fronds, yuccas and dracaenas mixed in. In addition, I had a few days earlier hard pruned seven fruit trees from our home orchard, plums, apricot, peach, fig and mango plus a bank of raspberries. After only 35 minutes using just half throttle I had mulched all of the orchard prunings and had got to the stage where I had mulched so much of the 'natives heap' that I would need to move the machine to reduce walking so I decided to call it a day. So what I expected to take 2 hours took 35 minutes. The C13 used no more than about 2 litres of fuel in that time. The C13 is simply amazing, I just can't wait for the weather to improve so I can get stuck into the remaining 'jungle'.

    I have a 5.5hp Cox chipper bought some years ago for a smaller property. It was adequate for a moderate sized, slow growing Canberra garden but that machine taught me what to look for in a good chipper. We now live on a semi-tropical small acreage with a fast growing climate. I could not believe that a machine of around double the hp. of the Cox could be so many times more effective. I am just amazed at the ease with which the C13 just effortlessly consumes bundles of material with no need to push feed into the machine.

    A major disadvantage of many other machines of even similar power and claimed capacity is the need to segregate and separately feed in large and smaller material. Then, often the restricted sized feed tubes for the larger material means that bent or forked branches of even moderate size cannot be fed in. This laborious, preparatory segregation and re-pruning process can often consume more time that is actually spent chipping. The single, large throated feed chute of the C13 takes it all, irrespective of shape or size and its a real time saver.

    I was dubious about a belt transmission machine but the inertia/momentum of the Hansa C13 design is so incredibly effective; I actually enjoyed what is usually a hard work chore.

    After this short experience I would say, 'don't buy cheap, buy effective proven design, that's a Hansa!'

  • C7 - Fantastic unit, my wife loves it

  • C4 - The chipper works a wonder

  • C7 - purchased January 2010 - Still going strong

  • I have one of your wonderful machines the C7

  • We have a Hansa Model C7, is my wife's most treasured garden aid

  • I purchased your C7 in 1995 at the Murrumbateman Field Day, a gift for my 50th birthday. It has been a wonderfully reliable machine, best thing ever for making use of garden cuttings, tree pruning, pine cones from old old pines, in fact, keeping within the suggested guidelines, it has been most efficient at mulching anything I need to mulch. I have also shown it to many visitors to the garden in Adaminaby and demonstrated its efficiency. I also have a C4 at our house in Canberra

  • I purchased a Hansa C7 chipper in July 2009. It has performed very well,

  • I purchased a C7 Chipper in June 2012 - a great machine; it does all I could expect of it

  • After taking the plunge and purchasing a c 13 I couldn't be more satisfied.

    Finally someone who designs things properly and a unit that lives up to expectations. The C13 has cut down my processing time by at least 75% and as a commercial gardener that can only be good!!!!

    Thank you Hansa I should have done this years ago.

  • I have a model C7,and what a great machine it is.

  • C13PTO - phenomenal machine

  • C13PTO - this machine gets used a lot, I chip all of our olive prunings and that amounts to many tons each year.

    I can't say that it is my favorite job, (particularly because olive branches are often bent and twisted by the fruit load then new shoots grow at all angles) but I believe that it is the best for the environment and the chips have always disappeared in less than 2 years.

    The machine though, handles the job easily.

  • We’ve taken a C7 home ourselves and I’m loving it.

    I have a fairly big rural garden and the trees seem to shudder as I walk by with the pruners

  • The C7 is fantastic

  • We have had a great 7 years with one of your C7 chippers

  • C7 - Rippa Chipper

  • I have a Hansa C13 Chipper and a might fine job it does

  • C16- best thing I've ever bought

  • I've just purchased a C7 Chipper which I am very impressed with!

  • Delighted with C7 - met all my expectations

  • my wife loves the chipper

  • I have a hansa c 13 very impresive machine it gets used 3 to 4 times a week with all kinds of trees and hedges put through it Highly recomend a hansa for realiablity and power

  • I have recently purchased a C21 its fantastic

  • I have had a C7 for quite a few years and it runs perfectly.

  • C7 - I have been impressed with the quality of the Chipper and now impressed with the level of back up service.

  • ...I love my new mulcher (C7).

    Slap a wedding dress on that and I'll stroll down the Isle with that beast.....I have chipped the hell out of everything I can get my hands on.

  • .. after thirteen years of regular use in our large suburban garden...I love this mulcher. It is reliable, efficient, and I've had no difficulty maintaining it myself.... The Hansa is a beaut machine!

  • C13 - Thanks for the great machine I look forward to many years of use out of it

  • Thank you for the terrific service, conversation and advice. Very professional and courteous.

  • Great machine by the way! love it.

  • C13 Beautiful unit, just fantastic, very reliable

  • C4 - We're amazed at the performance and are really delighted

  • C13 - All is running superbly and I would heartily recommend this machine to anyone as I love it.

  • C7 - Incredible, works beautifully, amazed at what I can put through it

  • I have just bought a C13 wood chipper from Roberts Don Mac Hobart, I'm really glad I spent that little bit more and didn't go a cheap online option, Got such a great machine, Making life sooooo easy.

  • I have had a C7 for seven years - always been marvellous

  • I have a C7, with which I am very pleased

  • I bought a C13 from you just after the 2008 flood and it is still going beautifully

  • My wife and I have used the C7 on our property (just half an acre house block in the Clare Valley) now for nearly two years so after some 40-50 hours of constant use we feel this machine has proved itself to be everything it boast to be; strong, powerful and easy to use, absolutely brilliant! Our machine is by no doubt the semi industrial version of that, the big boys use only on a smaller scale but every bit as efficient. Apart from the aforementioned machines efficiencies, the greatest part of this piece of equipment is it's made here in Australia at an affordable price! This is the best thing since sliced bread! Well done Hansa

  • Thanks for building a good machine (C13PTO)

  • C7 - Fantastic

  • Have recently purchased a C7 Chipper, great machine, love it

  • I have had a C7 for over a year and absolutely over the moon, it is really really great

  • We purchased a C13 (RT) chipper around 2 years ago and have been extremely happy with the machine, no complaints at all.

  • I bought a C7 on Friday 26th , very happy with it, works real well

  • C7 - very happy, it has done a lot of work

  • C7 - Magic little machine

  • I have a C7 which is fabulous.

  • I have a C7 which is fabulous.

  • The chipper (C7) is awesome on banana leaves. We are very happy, thanks again for all your help.

  • C13 - Fantastic bit of gear

  • My wife & I bought a Hansa 7 some weeks ago after seeing the range on your webpage. We have used it a few times of late and we would like you to know that we think your product is fantastic. The ease of starting, ease of setting up and then just letting it do it's thing with our branches, weeds etc. I also found it easy to work on, i.e. sharpen the blades and greasing bearings etc.

    Well done, we'll certainly be recommending this product to our friends, family etc. Kind regards from two very satisfied customers

  • C7 - Splendid, couldn't live without it

  • We now have our C13 chipper and are delighted with performance to date.

  • C13 PTO - It is a great machine

  • Hansa C7 - works a treat, fantastic

  • C7 -I'm thrilled to bits with the performance of this machine - does everything promised and is beautifully built.

  • Absolutely reliable - I've had it for eight years

  • we are extremely happy with the machine (C7) and what it can do

  • Thank you for your swift reply....If only getting all my spare parts was this easy.

  • We own a c13 trailer mounted, electric start chipper and really happy with it for last 4-5 years

  • I have a C7 Chipper and delighted with it!

  • C7 - Works fantastic

  • I have a C7 chipper of yours here and it gets a lot of work and is going well.

  • C13PTO - great machine, just fantastic

  • I have a C7 unit, I am impressed with the design & construction of the unit.

  • C7 - going very well, very pleased with it. It's done a lot of hard work over the last 12 months

  • C7 - Great little chipper

  • C7 - Excellent

  • C7 - It's been brilliant, it's done a lot of work.

  • Great little machine, only machine that will do palm fronds

  • I have a C7 chipper which I purchased about 2 years ago. I'm very happy with it

  • C7 - Absolutely love it, it has pride of place in the shed

  • C7 - I find the mulcher a great asset.

  • C7 - owned since 2004 - Brilliant machine!

  • I have given it (C13) a good work out and it performed well. I am looking forward to many years of service. I have used the chipper several times, it is a great machine

  • I purchased a C7 a couple of months ago, and am very pleased with it.

  • I purchased a C13 PTO from SotaTractors at Emu Plains last week. I got to use it yesterday (behind my Kubota B7001) at our place in the Blue Mountains and I must say how pleased I am with the machine. It easily handled semi-dry eucalypt bracnches as wel as some other stuff. I still have a small mountain of tree-tops to get through in this batch but the machine performed as advertised. Mark @ Sota was also very good to deal with. Congratulations to you on a great Australian-made product!

  • I have a C13 and it is great

  • I first owned a C7 model. I was so impressed with this machine I upgraded to the C13 model. Being self employed I need a machine wich is reliable that will do the job. This machine is undoubtedly the best chipper in its class I have used. Highly reccomended to all. You will not be dissapointed.

  • I have a C7 chipper, which is great

  • the mulcher does excellent service

  • The chipper works great and i am very happy with the purchase

  • I remain impressed with its solid build and its serviceability. So far I am very happy with it

  • C13 PTO - Great bit of gear


  • an absolutely brilliant machine and I can assure you it has had a lot of work

  • Thankyou so much for a great product

  • My wife & I love our C7. We no longer go to the dump to throw away good mulch

  • I have a C13 and it is great.

  • The performance of the machine has been exceptional and I have had no problems. I use it to chip soft green prunings from around the yard and it does a great job

  • what great service for a great machine

  • This machine is fantastic, very impressed with the capacity and speed at which it can mulch and chip, would highly recommend any time.

  • The chipper is going gang busters. It is a very good piece of engineering.

  • Very good machine would/will buy another one

  • What a great machine the C7 is...Over 18 months old and not often used but when we do it works all day perfectly. Never abused but it starts first time and runs flat out until we have finished. Has exceeded all of our expectations and we are very happy with our choice.

  • Unstoppable chipper very impressed with what it can handle. I can highly recommend this chipper.

  • Just a quick note to let you know that your Chipper is a very fine machine and has met and exceeded my expectations so far.

  • They are tough and reliable and nothing goes wrong.

  • These are excellent products, everything goes through the same chute and you can adjust the output.

  • Exceeds our expectations, performs well and we are really happy with the products. Easy maintenance and after sales service is great as well.

  • They've done a huge amount of work since the mini cyclone that hit our area a few weeks ago and its a great tribute to the machine that its handled everything thrown at it.

  • I’m delighted with my C7 which I bought 12 months ago

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